Design Games

  • Pixel Art: Color by Number
    Pixel Art: Color by Number
    Played 280930 times

    You can modify lots of retro pixel art in this online painting game. Zoom in on each design and choose your colors. You can give an astronaut a purple space suit, color a cow’s spots green, and so much more!

  • Home Design
    Home Design
    Played 206556 times

    This vacation home could really use your interior decorating skills. Could you have a look?

  • Fashion Designer
    Fashion Designer
    Played 112086 times

    Style your way to the headlines of NY Fashion Week!

  • Princess Angel Costumes
    Princess Angel Costumes
    Played 73991 times

    An enchanted dove has decided to invite these stylish princesses to visit the Angel Realm. Can you help them decide what to wear during their downright heavenly journey in this dress-up game? They can each choose to dress as a Light Angel or a Night Angel.

  • Baby Hazel: Flower Girl
    Baby Hazel: Flower Girl
    Played 71178 times

    Baby Hazel is going to be a flower girl! She'll need a cute head-to-toe look for the big day!

  • Princess: Design Your Rainbow Dress
    Princess: Design Your Rainbow Dress
    Played 54574 times

    All the dresses in this princess’ closet are so plain and basic。 She’d really love to have one that’s way more colorful and exciting。 Can you help her create an awesome dress that will make all of her fellow princesses green with envy in this dress up and design game for girls?

  • Sisters High School Prom
    Sisters High School Prom
    Played 44115 times

    极速赛车APP下载The prom is tonight, and these two stylish sisters aren’t ready! Can you quickly help them find some awesome gowns, accessories, and makeup? They won’t make it in time without you lending them a hand in this dress-up game.

  • Sue the Fashion Designer
    Sue the Fashion Designer
    Played 42129 times

    Feel like a real designer when you choose designs, colors, and patterns for Sue's clothes!

  • Eliza Tailor Shop
    Eliza Tailor Shop
    Played 38200 times

    Eliza has decided to open her very own tailor shop。 Help her create some custom-made dresses and other outfits for her customers in this game for girls。

  • Bedroom Makeover
    Bedroom Makeover
    Played 37413 times

    Choose furniture and design your bedroom any way you like it!

  • DIY Prom Dress
    DIY Prom Dress
    Played 33803 times

    This girl isn’t happy with the prom dress that she brought home from the mall earlier today. That’s why she’s decided to customize it in this dress-up and design game. Can you help her create an awesome DIY style that’s totally perfect?

  • DIY Dress Makeover
    DIY Dress Makeover
    Played 31190 times

    This stylish teen has decided to make a few new dresses rather than go shopping for them in her favorite boutiques。 Can you help her design each one, pick some cool colors, and make sure they look and fit great in this online DIY fashion game for girls?

  • My Room Scene 2
    My Room Scene 2
    Played 29407 times

    Design your own living room and pick your own furniture。

  • Valentine Interior Design
    Valentine Interior Design
    Played 29182 times

    If you'll help Cherry finish her new room, she can make her Valentine's date!

  • Sleeping Princess Villain Cosplay
    极速赛车APP下载Sleeping Princess Villain Cosplay
    Played 28937 times

    This princess is usually nice but today she’s feeling a little bit naughty. She would love to dress up just like a famous storybook villain in this online game. Can you help her create a truly wicked gown?

  • Princess Room Makeover
    极速赛车APP下载Princess Room Makeover
    Played 28887 times

    Design a room fit for a princess。

  • Braid Styles We Love
    Braid Styles We Love
    Played 27341 times

    These three girls love braids! Can you help them while they create some cool new styles in this online game? You can also give them a few fashion tips while they choose some cute makeup and outfits to wear.

  • Design Your Own Room
    Design Your Own Room
    Played 27297 times

    极速赛车APP下载Decorate your bedroom any way you like.

  • Design My Cosy Sweater
    Design My Cosy Sweater
    Played 25840 times

    These three girls are searching for some new sweaters that are comfy and super stylish too! Could you create a few in the virtual studio in this dress-up and design game? You can also choose some cool skirts and accessories for the girls that will really complete their looks.

  • Astrology Fashion Wheel
    Astrology Fashion Wheel
    Played 24503 times

    These fashionable girls have decided to create a few styles based on their zodiac signs. Can you help them come up with some awesome ones in this mystical and magical dress-up and design game?

  • Princesses: Cupid's First Kiss Challenge
    Princesses: Cupid's First Kiss Challenge
    Played 24119 times

    Cupid is going in search of a few potential couples who could really use his assistance! Join him while he helps them fall in love in this romantic online game. Will each couple get to enjoy their first kiss, or will they end up being a bad match for one another?

  • Rapunzel's Spring Vlog
    Rapunzel's Spring Vlog
    Played 22593 times

    A new season is about to begin and Rapunzel wants to be ready! Can you help her update her fashion vlog with lots of cool outfits, accessories, and much more?

  • Alice Doll Decoration
    Alice Doll Decoration
    Played 21760 times

    Demonstrate your interior design skills and decorate Alice's room!

  • Audrey's Dream Wedding
    Audrey's Dream Wedding
    Played 20637 times

    极速赛车APP下载Audrey’s wedding is just around the corner and she wants everything to be perfect。 That’s why she needs your help! Could you give her some advice while she chooses the venue, what sort of color scheme to use for the decor, and much more? You can even help her design her dress in this online wedding game。

  • Spring Break Besties
    极速赛车APP下载Spring Break Besties
    Played 20297 times

    Spring Break is almost here, and these three besties are ready to try out the best styles of the season。 Can you help them choose some awesome outfits to wear and more in this online dress-up and design game?

  • Sky High Sundaes
    Sky High Sundaes
    Played 19961 times

    Design your own ice cream creation!

  • DecoRate: Design Champions
    DecoRate: Design Champions
    Played 19919 times

    Have you got what it takes to become a top designer in this online design game? Create an awesome avatar before you start redecorating one of several rooms while you compete against other players from all around the world。 You can choose which colors to paint the walls, what types of furniture and decor to add, and more! There’s also exciting challenges that will really put your skills to the test。

  • Sisters: Ugly Xmas Sweater
    Sisters: Ugly Xmas Sweater
    Played 19581 times

    These two sisters are hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party this year and they want theirs to be the ugliest ones of all! That’s why they’re designing them instead of buying some from a store。 Join them while they create some spectacularly silly sweaters and decorate their house before their guests arrive in this online game for girls。

  • BFFs Patchwork Jeans
    BFFs Patchwork Jeans
    Played 18943 times

    These denim-loving BFFs are going to spend some time designing lots of pairs of jeans. They want to add tons of cool and colorful patches to them too. Why not join them for what’s sure to be a fun and fashionable afternoon in this makeover and design game for girls?

  • Princess Hollywood Themed Dress-Up
    Princess Hollywood Themed Dress-Up
    Played 16467 times

    极速赛车APP下载All five of these princesses have been invited to an awesome party with a Hollywood theme! Can you help each one create an outfit that’s inspired by one of their favorite actresses in this online dress-up game? They could also use some advice while they do their hair, too!

  • 3D Color by Number
    3D Color by Number
    Played 16390 times

    You can decorate everything from cute animals to fashionable outfits in this 3D coloring and design game. Use lots of awesome colors while you paint cars, musical instruments, and so much more!

  • Girls Fix It: Gwen's Dream Car
    Girls Fix It: Gwen's Dream Car
    Played 15847 times

    极速赛车APP下载Gwen’s car is totally trashed! Fortunately, she should be able to fix it in her garage, but she’ll need your help! Join her while she repairs all the damages and more in this online simulation game。 You can also lend her a hand while she washes the car and decorates it with some awesome and super cute decals!

  • My Pony Park
    My Pony Park
    Played 15207 times

    Design a park paradise for prancing ponies!

  • Jessie's and Audrey's Social Media Adventure
    Jessie's and Audrey's Social Media Adventure
    Played 14996 times

    极速赛车APP下载Jessie and Audrey have decided to start some new social media accounts. They’re eager to show off their latest outfits and gain tons of followers. Can you help them participate in a series of daily challenges that will really put their fashion skills to the test in this online dress-up and design game?

  • Dog Room Decoration
    Dog Room Decoration
    Played 14991 times

    Design a nice dog cafe!

  • Tree House Building
    Tree House Building
    Played 14702 times

    Design your own tree house!

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